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"G. F. Mlely is a talent of distinction with unique vision and an artistic voice of his own.  But, then, it is not so much talent as genius."  William Rocker, Director JazCraft

"A tour-de-force." The Washington Post

G. F. Mlely
From the Crossroads concert given of Mlely's music in Honolulu

On YouTube
See Mlely perform "Never Quite Say"
(on Re-Entry JzC101, from his TV Series)

Setting up for "Jazz Piano with G. F. Mlely" TV show 2 years running.Setting up "Jazz Piano with G. F. Mlely, TV show 2 years running.

Musical Range
A Partial Overview

A gig in Hollywood
Hollywood Studio Flyer

Rehearsing "Venice," G. F. Mlely's 2-act musical.

Rehearsing "Venice," G. F. Mlely's 2-act musical

Crossroads Choir performing Mlely's music in Honolulu concert.

Crossroads Choir

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A Taste of The Trio
A Taste of Musical Theatre

Jazz Tracks for Licensing

Also (for that old tune done newly)

About current instrumental recordings

"The genius of G. F. Mlely [Re-Entry] ... is solo piano at its best." Lee Prosser, Editor

"A Little Night Waltz" is an important new recording ... [Mlely] has literally created his own harmonic language that looks at even the most common changes from a very different perspective, resulting in a more contemporary take. Mlely's sound is uniquely his own." John Kelman, Staff Reviewer All About 

"From the first notes ... [88 Keys And Counting] this listener immediately knew this was not just another cover ... Inventive ideas, subtle twists and turns, pushing the emotional envelope at just the right moments. Continuity of thought and rhythm, no straining ... I listen to thousands of jazz releases each year, many solo piano recordings and this one jumped right out." John Sutton, Host Jazz Excursion  

Writing, writing - always writing
G. F. Composing
Current Activity

Pix of
Mlely and His Big Island Lava-Trek

Reviews and Articles
Press Kit (pdf)
An Appreciation
For Bookings and Tours
Current Projects
Past Projects


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