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G. F. Mlely - Solo

Piano Trio Release

A Little Night Waltz A Little Night Waltz  Reviews Titles and mp3 Files (This album swings, floats, dreams, and dances.  Though firmly in the mainstream category, Mlely’s sound, even in a group setting, is uniquely his own - owing little to the usual influences (Tyner, Evans, Monk).  Los Angeles-based double bassist Bill Markus and percussionist Gene Stone provide solid support, knowing exactly what Mlely is talking about, navigating through some difficult waters and keeping up with a concept that, while tonal, never quite goes where one would expect.  Markus is lyrical, Stone a powerhouse.  This album has been critically acclaimed as an important new recording, a fascinating work that bears repeated listening.  Music that gives a glimpse of a strange, magical world, feeling like the elusive memory of an old and marvelous carnival show that slowly fades into a dense fog.) 

Solo Piano Releases

  • Re-Entry Reviews  Titles and mp3 Files ( Imagine straight-ahead jazz in a classic tradition based solidly in contemporary jazz.  Mlely has been compared to Evans, Tyner, Tristano, Tatum, and Monk.  The music rolls around in your ear like a bluesy summer evening after you’ve had that tasty meal.  Music from a deep thinker who triumphs over troubles, a spirit that is initially somber, like twilight, with a brightly complex delivery.  For all his sense of invention, melodic diversions and ability to break up the rhythm - all the while  implying a strong pulse - Mlely always manages to keep things accessible, never losing sight of the core of the tune.  An inventive and passionate album.)
  • 88-Keys And Counting  Reviews • Titles and mp3 Files (Tuneful, mostly mainstream, solo jazz piano with a two-pronged left hand and right hand attack spanning from stride to reflective to latin groove.  Touched by the pianistic pantheon, yet it is hard to listen to the playing and say, “oh, he got that phrase from so-and-so.”  Inventive ideas, intense dynamics, subtle twists and turns, pushing the emotional envelope at just the right moments.  Continuity of thought and rhythm, no straining.  Compared to many of the greatest pianists in jazz, Mlely plays and writes with a style that is uniquely his and very recognizable.)

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JzC106 "Pan In His Afterlife"

"Not your usual jazz experience"

Dramaturgical Songworks

Spoken- and sung-word, piano-vocals,  electronically orchestrated scores

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